Silhouette Reaffirmation: Buttocks

The CEYA gives back the corporal harmony by designing aesthetically the buttocks. For, a visible reafirmation may be obtained and verifiable from the first session. By raising the gluteus, the hip area is dissimulated and the female silhouette is able to wear back stature pants.

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Facial applications Body applications
Eye bags
Eye contour
Wrinkle depth
Reshaping the oval of the face
Cutaneous rehydration
Luminosity or “coup-d´éclat
Acne scars
Breast reshaping and reaffirmation
Silhouette reaffirmation: Buttocks
Reaffirmation of the inside of the leg: Adductor
Cellulite reduction in the hips
Stretch marks
Postpartum treatment
Effect “Chocolate bar
Abdomen reduction and reaffirmation
Reaffirmation of the inside part of the arms
Aesthetic drainage
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