The skin spots that have an excessive accumulation of melanin improve progressively thanks to the CEYA use. Although the treatment needs to be combined along with a lightening product, it is also true that the hypernutrition produced by the device acts as a natural barrier that protects the dermis against future actions pigment.

CEYA Chart of treatments(+info)     Before After


Facial applications Body applications
Eye bags
Eye contour
Wrinkle depth
Reshaping the oval of the face
Cutaneous rehydration
Luminosity or “coup-d´éclat
Acne scars
Breast reshaping and reaffirmation
Silhouette reaffirmation: Buttocks
Reaffirmation of the inside of the leg: Adductor
Cellulite reduction in the hips
Stretch marks
Postpartum treatment
Effect “Chocolate bar
Abdomen reduction and reaffirmation
Reaffirmation of the inside part of the arms
Aesthetic drainage
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