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Why does the CEYA make the difference?   Frequently questions
The CEYA devices are different as opposed to others that currently exist in the market.We could have manufactured other devices with any kind of available frequency and power; nevertheless EMA has chosen the production of a technology with very concrete physical parameters. This is due to our 25 years of experience with that kind of devices, our large knowledge in the use and management of radiofrequency for aesthetic and medical purposes and the finding that the results under this criterion are faster and lasting. The beautician has the right to dispose a quality technology, effective and powerful, easy to access and simple.  
Physical values   Working tools   Know-how   Post-Sales Assistance Advice

The cell with greater potential difference is a living element that performs better its vital functions, among them, the elastin production, collagen at...(+info)


The wide knowledgewe have developed through these years turned our working tools into perfect ones both in dimensions and operation....(+info)

  While it is true that our developed tangible devices or accessories are palpable, it is also true concerning our working methodology.(+info)   Thanks to the implementation methodology technology process that our company developed, EMA is able to provide you the technology support,... (+info)
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